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If Ikutsuki went swimming in Yakushima.

I don’t know why the idea of Shuji putting his hair up in a bun makes me smile like a complete idiot.

Media: Photoshop

*yells internally for ten thousand years*

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God his voice is sexy. Almost as good as the original.

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Voltage Nostalgia Week: Pirates in Love.

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Today was kind-of a good day for me. ^_^

I’ve been fighting a head cold since Friday afternoon (thank you preschoolers with drippy noses). So today, I went down to the school kitchen to ask my dad’s girlfriend if she would pick me up after work. She said ” ‘aight.”

So 6:30 rolls around, I text her, and surprisingly, she comes to pick me up, no complaints or sighs or reminders that I’m too old for this. As we’re driving back, she’s talking about how hectic her day has been since she got off work at two. So, out of curiosity, I asked her why she came to pick me up instead of asking me to take the bus. Her response was, “Well, I know you haven’t been feeling well, so it just seemed right.”

For those of you who don’t know me very well or haven’t heard me complain before, this chick and I have been on each others bad side for a long time now. I’ve know her for five years, and to me, she was only ever a really mean, hateful woman. So this gesture to me, you must understand, made me feel profoundly happy. I don’t know why. But, just thinking that she took the time out of something that might’ve been more important to think, “she’s not feeling well, it’s the least I can do”………. That means worlds to me. Really and truly.

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I still think Mitt Romney looks like Redd White from Ace Attorney.


Someone please take photoshop away from me.

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My goal as a worker in the service industry is to make at least one person every day feel like they just bought something for $5.59 and they only had $5 so I spotted them the 59 cents.

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look at this snape i found


it seems normal but then


what is this


turn to page 394 motherfucker


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Pirates of Love Reaction — Bloody Sparkles



Since its Voltage Nostalgia Week, and PIL is first. I thought it be appropriate

Those goddam mother flipping hamster roller coaster, son of a motherless ogre donkey moon martians SPARKLES!


I’m pretty sure you know what these are about by now :| 

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June 7th, 1942: Edward Hopper completes his best known painting, the seminal Nighthawks. When asked by a Chicago Tribute reporter about the philosophical meaning behind the diner having no clearly visible exits Hopper responded, “Shit. Fuck. I did it again. Goddamnit. Fuck. Not again. I did it again. Shit.” and slammed his hat on his leg.

how does this only have 150 notes

I fucking laughed so hard at this all artists are hilarious

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all my friends are v cute. if ur my friend youre automatically cute sorry i dont make the rules